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The Municipality

Geographical location

Municipality located in the historic Priorat. The township takes up 28,54 km² and spreads along the valley of the Cortiella River, which flows across the territory from east to west and finally runs into the Siurana River. The northern sector is located on La Serra del Molló. Almost the whole territory is covered with vineyards.

After the depopulation of La Garrotxa, Porrera is the only populated centre in the municipality.


Economical activities

Porrera is a farming town but only a 40% of the land is cultivated. The rest are waste lands covered with brushwood and forests. The chief crops are vine, almond and hazelnut trees. There are some unused beads of lead and baryta and also some fountains of ferrous water.

The farming co-operative was founded in 1932.

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